Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vine-L Friday Art Show

I was blessed this past weekend with the opportunity to show my work at an event in Over the Rhine called Vine-L Friday. It was so cool; something different from Final Fridays at the Pendleton. I had a bunch of people come down and support me. Thank you to those of you who made it out! I shared an awesome, historic room with a great artist named Nick Perrino.

The room we were in was the bottom floor of newly renovated lofts on the corner of 13th and Vine. They are called the Lackman Lofts. Apparently, the space we were in was an original speakeasy back in the day. All the tiles and bricks were original - it would have been a beautiful art studio!

Here's a few pictures from the show!

Just Imagine....

Woo! It's done.. :) This painting is for a friend of mine - he's gonna be soo happy to finally have it. This is John Lennon's cover of his Imagine album. So for your viewing pleasure...

I also wanted to add a few other photos from that previous painting I had to get done for the local movie...

The director of the movie loved it by the way.. and I was all worried that it just didn't look like them enough... turns out, they weren't really supposed to look like them! Copyright laws or something I guess :) Anyway, off to finish some more paintings!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Painting for the local movie

Well, ladies and gentlemen.. here it is. The painting I completed for the local movie being filmed in the Cincinnati area. It's 3 x 4 foot large and I used acrylic paints instead of oils. I do not think it is my absolute best work, but c'est la vie. We can't be perfect everyday. :) So think what you will, and now onto other things!

For more info on the movie, check out:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Goin old school!

Just wanted to share with you my awesome new shoes!!!!


I wore these to the Blondie/Pat Benatar concert.. it rocked. And so did my shoes. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ohhhh the Economy. *tear*

So, another lovely day in corporate America. The entire work force at my day job, including myself, got a 10% paycut today. That totally sucks. The suckiest thing of all is that I probably won't be able to afford my rent payment anymore - sooo it looks like I may be moving.


Just peachy.

It's a good thing I've been stepping up my Mary Kay business. Soon I'll be a director and I won't have to worry about making sure there's enough money in my bank account for food.

Onto other brighter things.

I've been working on a few new pieces and it's definitely been super hard for me to finish some paintings I've started. For those out there who are waiting for things from me.. please be patient! Things will soon be done! For example, I am SO close to having this painting done for a friend of mine.

It's getting there! It's the John Lennon Imagine cover.

Although, something has taken priority over this project. I have been asked to paint a portrait for a movie that's being filmed locally. Annnnnnd it's due this coming Tuesday, the 18th. So I've got a pretty good start on it and I'm feeling good about it. It's 3 x 4 foot big!! As soon as I get it done, I'll post it.

If you would like to learn a little about the movie that is being filmed here, here is the website:

It's sure to be a great movie!!

And I can't remember if I have mentioned anything on here yet about this, but regardless, here it is:

My artwork, namely the 24x36's of Audrey, Marilyn, Cary and Grace, and last but not least the little Lucy are hanging down at Keystone Bar and Grill in the back room. It's an awesome place for them since people eat in there and they are getting constant exposure.

And for a short time at the end of this month, they will be going to the VINE-L Friday Gallery Walk. I don't know much about this event, but I do know it's for a good cause and you should definitely come down and check it out!

August 28th, 6-10pm
The gallery walk is on Vine Street between Central Pkwy and 13th in the gateway quarter.

If you're interested and want more information, email me at and I can get information for you.

That's all for now... onto painting before the Bengal's preseason game!!!