Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turning Points

Great news! I've been asked back to Fat Shannon's for another art show! So I think I'm going to have it in March. The last time I was there was back in April and I just wasn't happy with the amount of pieces I had there. There just weren't enough. Drew, a friend of mine who also has art shows there, has a TON of pieces. So, I decided to get the ball rolling and get working on some new pieces.

My friend Marley is also going to have some work of hers there too! We've decided to collaborate and have a show together. It'll be good exposure for her too. She's in DAAP, for fashion design; she's amazing at what she does. It blows my mind.

I'm going to get smaller prints made of my 24 x 36 oil paintings of the Hollywood Stars project I'm doing. Hopefully - that can get pretty pricey. I'm also working on a few art nouveau pieces.
I've also decided to go into a different direction with my large size old Hollywood movie stars project. I like what I have done, but I feel that if they were a little bit more stylized, they'd be a bigger hit. So I've got a new angle in mind. I'm not sure if it's going to work, but I've got faith. I can't wait to get some done and get them out there! I can't wait to see people's reaction. I might save them for the art show in March.

I've also decided to stop showing at the Pendleton. If all goes to plan, the Final Friday of January will be my last month there. It was a good run, but it's starting to get a little expensive. Especially when I haven't sold anything there. It's good exposure, but it's time to focus on bigger and better things. Like my greeting cards. I may finally be able to get the thing copyrighted and trademarked. Wish me luck!

My parents have talked to the owners of this cute little shop in Mt. Orab, Ohio and they've agreed to carry my greeting card line when I'm ready. So I've gotta get on it! Until I can get it copyrighted, maybe I can just focus on some artwork I already have done, shrink it down to fit on a greeting card. By golly that's it!!! I'm so doing it.... maybe I can get it done before Christmas.... no! no! no! I've already got enough to do!

Here's a doodle I've been working on when I get a little bored.. lol. It's not done, but this is kind of the road I want to go down with my art nouveau project.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Proud Mary, Keep On Burnin'

Yesterday was an absolutely amazing day. It was a day that made me proud to be who I am and do what I do.

In the Pink Bubble: I interviewed 2 ladies, and for once, it didn't bother me that they didn't sign. I mean, I don't need them. It happened for a reason. I had a 6 person skin care class and sold my first roll up bag, not to mention it was around a $500 class. And I got quite a few second appointments scheduled with the guests. BIG deal.

I finished that painting up - of the CEO and the COO. And I just wasn't completely happy with the end result but I couldn't look at it any longer. I stared at it for too long and I just couldn't work on it any more. So I did what small changes I could and sealed it with a protectant. I loaded it up in my car and prayed. Prayed that she'd love it even though I wasn't happy with my work.

Well, I met up with her and she loved it. Thank God. It was a great project for the experience, but I'm glad it's off my plate - it was causing me a lot of stress, because I knew it was important that it looked like the actual people. So check that off my list! Done!

I had drinks with my parents last night; that was fun. And then I saw Twilight! For the second time! I was going to go again tonight, but I don't think I'm going to. I just have so much to do before I leave for vacation on Wednesday and I'm going to my parents for dinner. I asked my mom to make my favorite meal for dinner - she did - and I don't want to seem rude and rush through it just so I can see the movie I've already seen twice this weekend. Bummer, but it's not the end of the world.

Now I've got 2 house portraits to do before Christmas. So hopefully I bust through those, and I mean fast.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Work? Well, sure!! I love it!

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And I can't thank anyone but Denise, my director. Last week was pretty hectic. I was busting my butt trying to get 10 appointments on my calendar for Mary Kay, trying to start/finish 4 freelance projects, working my 9-5:30 day job and all the while having issues with my friends, especially the best of my friends. It was rough.

I sat down with Denise last Tuesday and just let it out. It felt so good. Finally, someone to open up to. We talked about many things; life, my best friend, my job. Specifically, my Mary Kay business. It turns out, I was working my business like a full time business. Holy crap! No wonder I was exhausted! I already have a full time job.. I don't need another one on top of it!

So I spent the rest of the week just being steady with my life and it suited me just fine. Go me :)

Next up: Freelance World

Ugh. Let me just start off with that. This painting is kicking my butt big time. It's a painting of the CEO and the COO of a local construction company. The one guy looks ok, but the other looks all wrong. Like a muppet, if I had to get specific. ;) It's due by Saturday afternoon. Which is no big deal, but I have to work on it MORE tonight to get it to look like him so it'll dry in enough time. Oil paints... take... forever.... to dry...
I'd post a picture to get feedback, but frankly I'm too embarrassed! When it's done I'll post it up.

In the middle of all this, I decided to take on 3 more freelance projects. What was I thinking? Someone better stop me next year before I say yes too many times. I'd like to spend my Thanksgiving vacation not working.. but apparently, subconsciencely I like to work over vacation.

It's not that I don't like working- I mean I guess you technically wouldn't call it work for me. It's drawing, so I like it. But I like to have some down time where I can just relax for a few days.. as everyone surely does.

So the projects I have are a logo design and 2 house portraits, one of those will be shrunk down into Christmas cards. So those have to be sent out sometime. Good thing the printing company I use has a 24 hour turn around. Thank you OvernightPrints.com! I'll get them done... as I always do. I've noticed that I work better under pressure anyway :)

This past weekend was my friend Mary's wedding. It was sooo beautiful! Her affianced blog is on my list of blogs (to the right). Check it out; she has some fun entries. Her wedding was Wizard of Oz themed; she even had red shoes!! She also had a little photo booth in the back with Wizard of Oz props and a polaroid camera for her photo guest book. I've included a picture of my good friend Captain and I rockin out to AC DC (I think...).

A fabulous time was had by all! We both made some new friends and had plenty of free beer (Thank you Mary & Chad!) Congrats to them!! They are on their honeymoon right now.. I'm so jealous.

Anyway- 5:30 is just right around the corner. Time to go to the gym and work off those couple Reese's Peanut Butter cups I had earlier.....