Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello - I'm back!

Wow - what a crazy couple months it's been! I've been busy with artwork and freelance, and just life in general, that I've have hardly any time to blog!

To get you up to speed.. here's a few things that I did in the last couple months.

In May, I went to the Shepard Fairey party at the Contemporary Art Center. I didn't have anyone to go with - but I had gotten a free ticket at the very last minute. So I went - mingled, drank wine and talked it up with some other artsey people. Then, I saw Shepard himself. I was as giddy as if I had seen someone like Brad Pitt. So I walked up to him, patiently waited for him to finish his conversation with someone else (in a non creepy way) and made my move. Business card in hand and ready to network! I told him that I got voted Best Artist of Cincinnati of 2010, and he responded with, "Really! I would love to see your work!" We exchanged business cards, I asked for a picture with him like a dork and we went our separate ways. I was so excited.

The party was awesome - it was located in the alley behind the CAC and a few other places. They had a DJ stage, where Shepard Fairey was DJing (his other hobby), they also had a few skate ramps down one side of the alley and my personal favorite, they turned a RUMPKE dumpster into a swimming pool - complete with beach balls.

In case you do not know who Shepard Fairey is or what he is responsible for - see below!

© Shepard Fairey

© Shepard Fairey

© Shepard Fairey

It ended up being a fabulous night in Cincinnati!

Todd and I took a day a few weeks ago and went to the Landing in New Richmond, and afterward took a little drive around the town. We ran into a store called Mr. Grim's Nostalgic Nook. WOW. What a store. Every toy imaginable there!

The owner is a real nice guy, and most of this is from his personal collection. I really recommend taking a trip to this guys store - it's so worth the drive.

Located at 128 Front St., New Richmond, Ohio 45157

On top of that, here's 2 of the portraits I've done recently. I'll have the third up soon!