Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mural Work

Here is the sketch I mentioned earlier. This is a very personal mural piece that's going in the house of a friend. The doves and the angels represent him and his family.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Call me 'Official' and I'll Answer!

It's official - You're reading the blog of the proud Principle Member and Owner of R.Ewers Designs, LLC. I am a small business owner in the state of Ohio everyone!! Go me! Thanks for everyone's support and I can't wait for you all to see some things I've got under way. Good things are happening ladies and gentlemen! :)

Also, my apologies for being away - I was relaxing on the beach in Destin last week with my family. Read an amazing book - The Last Lecture - and it's definitely got me kick started on kicking procrastination in the butt. I know, I know - we have a love/hate relationship; procrastination and me.

Great news - I've been hired to illustrate a children's book this week! As soon as I believe it's legally ok, I'll post some sketches and jib jab so you can see.

Working on a mural sketch for a friend - that will be done tonight and I'll post the prelim sketch shortly.

Also did a painting of the beach in Destin - almost done with that too!

Busy busy busy! And just to keep me going - check out the song of the week - this definitely get's me pumped to keep moving!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I got my award!

I'm pleased to show you that I finally received my award from City Beat today!

Now I can hang it next to my spot in Cincy Magazine. My collection is starting to grow!

Thanks again to everyone who voted!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What happens when your plate is full? Become part of the 'Clean Plate Club'!

Or maybe that just applies to food - that's what my dad always said anyway.

But my plate is definitely full and I'm loving it!!

I've decided I'm moving again; I can't wait to start over in a new place, furnish it and have a bigger kitchen. Yesterday, my Elizabeth Taylor drawing sold at Dutch's Pony Keg- super excited about that. I'm doing a Frank Sinatra piece now to replace that one. I've also decided I'm writing a book. I won't put anything up about it just yet - I've starting writing my first thoughts down, but before I introduce any excerpts to the world, I want something more solid. Surely you understand!

Next weekend, Todd and I are going to Chicago to visit a friend - it'll be our first road trip together, although he'll be sleeping the entire time since I'm picking him up after he gets off work at 5am.

The week after that I'm going to Florida with my family - my first real vacation in 6 years! When I say 'real' I mean - literally laying on the beach with nothing to do - no planner telling me I have to do anything, but just making sure that I get the sand and salt off my skin before dinner. So pumped!

Below is a drawing that I did, a tattoo design for my friend Josh. He's a Cincinnati boy at heart which I think is great! Who dey!

Recently I did the River Sweep - talk about a fun experience! Cleaning up the banks of the Ohio River was so liberating and motivational!

Me and my bags of trash!

My friend Linda and I found this bean sprout thing growing on the completely sodded (and gross I might add) upholstery of what we assumed to be the carpet of a car which was hiding underneath some rocks. I was going to take it home and plant it but by the end of the day, I had forgotten all about it!

I know one of my previous posts talked about the Shepard Fairey party at CAC. What I don't think I mentioned was that the day after, all the event pictures were posted on - I just happened to be featured on the front page of too! I met Tesse (pictured with me) that night at the party - who turned our to be a super cool chick!

Well, off to finish my drawing of Frankie boy and go apartment hunting later!

Life couldn't be better right now and I'm so excited for all the possibilities in my future.