Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Call me 'Official' and I'll Answer!

It's official - You're reading the blog of the proud Principle Member and Owner of R.Ewers Designs, LLC. I am a small business owner in the state of Ohio everyone!! Go me! Thanks for everyone's support and I can't wait for you all to see some things I've got under way. Good things are happening ladies and gentlemen! :)

Also, my apologies for being away - I was relaxing on the beach in Destin last week with my family. Read an amazing book - The Last Lecture - and it's definitely got me kick started on kicking procrastination in the butt. I know, I know - we have a love/hate relationship; procrastination and me.

Great news - I've been hired to illustrate a children's book this week! As soon as I believe it's legally ok, I'll post some sketches and jib jab so you can see.

Working on a mural sketch for a friend - that will be done tonight and I'll post the prelim sketch shortly.

Also did a painting of the beach in Destin - almost done with that too!

Busy busy busy! And just to keep me going - check out the song of the week - this definitely get's me pumped to keep moving!

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