Monday, September 27, 2010

Puppy Pilots

I was given a great opportunity about 3 weeks ago. I was given the chance to illustrate a children's book! What an eye opening experience - and exhausting. The reason it was so tiring, was because I had to have 13 pages, (56 illustrations in all) inked in and taken to full color, along with a front and back cover all done is 3 weeks. Holy crap! I was up every morning at 6:30, working till 8am. Going to work from 9-6, and coming home and working from 7-1:30 am. I was so tired, my back hurt, my eyes hurt, and hand hurt, my drawing arm spazzed out, went numb, I lost some hair and I had bags under my eyes. But it was so worth it!!!

The name of the book is Puppy Pilots™. Here's the cover:

It's an adorable story, written by Duke Morgan. Look for it soon! It should be coming out in October I think.

I'm also moving again! I am finally a resident of Ohio again - oh how I missed it here. It's a great little place, with a huge balcony and a great view.

On a sad note, my sweet baby kitty of 18 years passed away last week. I got Missi on my 7th birthday and she has been with me through it all. I know though that she passed away in her sleep, quietly and not in pain. I couldn't ask for anything more for her. It's very awkward to not have her in the house. I hear the floor creak, and think it's her walking around. No one comes running anymore when I open the fridge, or when the can opener is running. I know that she had a great life - because I spoiled her like crazy!!!

This was the day I got her, almost 19 years ago.

She was such a pretty kitten!

And she was a gorgeous cat - this was taken just a month or two ago. Her favorite spot, on my windowsill.

R.I.P. Missi

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