Monday, June 30, 2008

Before things get a little fuzzy....

When you're 23 years old and on the verge of becoming a workaholic, life can get a little hectic at times. Unfortunately, in the case of having so much going on, the brain starts relying on a planner to help keep it all organized, thus leaving the memory to do much less remembering on its own.

And while I consider this to be one of the best times of my life, I'd like to remember it too, which, consequently is why I'm starting this blog. Just in case things start to get a little fuzzy down the road...

Well, I had another Final Friday come and go this weekend. It was steady for the most part, always a little slow at the beginning. Still haven't sold anything there, which is ok, I never plan to. I don't like to depend on that anyway. A friend of mine put this whole Final Friday thing in perspective for me on Friday. He asked me how much it cost to rent out the wall space I have in the studio. Now, keep in mind, these rooms are NOT cheap. They cost a pretty penny even for a small one, about the size of a bathroom. My two 4'x8' spaces run for $75 a month. Unfortunately, the only time anyone sees my work, is on Final Fridays, from 6-10pm, one day a month. To which he replied, "So you're basically paying $75 for one day?" And that got me thinking... when you break it down in black and white.. that's basically what it is. So I have to make the decision to stay there after a year or leave. I love it, but it is $75 dollars for one day. And the way the economy is going now, I know I can be putting that money to, for lack of better words, more useful things. On the other hand though, this is the only studio space I have. Other than the wine room at Dutch's in Hyde Park. And I really like having my art work out there for people to see. Any suggestions???

I've started Frank Sinatra. He's all sketched out on the canvas. Now I just need to add paint! I'd like to get him done before the next Final Friday. But with the amount of freelance work I have on my plate- I'm not sure how well that'll play out.

Leah's wedding invitations are in the works now. I've started looking at fonts and picking pantones. I've already got quotes from a printer. Now the hard part.. actually sitting down and executing it. I've got such a problem with procrastination. I know how good it feels to actually sit down and do a project, get it done and off my plate. It's wonderful. But for some reason, I can't get myself to do it all the time. I'll find one little obstacle in the project and that's what will hold me back. For example, the background design on Leah's invites... I can't decide how I want it to look and what will be the easiest (and by that I mean, what will take the least amount of time) way to get the daisies on there. Should I paint them? Draw them? Colored pencil? So it's a Monday today.. and I'm going to the gym (yet another thing I've recently decided to fit back into my hellish busy life of 4 jobs and occasional social time) after work and tonight, after all is said and done, I'm sitting my ass down and working on Leah's invites.

Leah was my very first best friend. We met when we were 4. Through our lives, we've been through many an argument, been through many changes, and I'm flattered after 19 years of friendship and differences, she still wanted me to design her wedding invitations. Now the wedding is 9 weeks away! I've got to get these things done!!! I can't disappoint her!

I had a huge Mary Kay sale this weekend too.. and if i wasn't busy enough already. It went well. Got a lot of sales and I'm happy!

Now at some point... I have to update the way my blog looks... which got me to thinking... I think i want to change my logo... again. I've got a good idea... maybe it's time for a new look... oh Lord.. here comes another thing to put on my plate....

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