Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally, an African American princess...

So Disney has stolen my idea... they finally have drawn up an African American princess. Ok, so maybe they really didn't steal my idea.. but I did think of that years ago and I have the rough sketches to prove it. All 'who had the idea first' banter aside, it's about time they drew her up. Her name is Princess Tiana and of course, the movie hasn't even come out yet and there's already controversy. Her prince, is not, I repeat, not, black. Nor is considered white either - he's 'tan'.

Ok, so I can see both sides of this. While there are so many interracial couples out there today, and it's more accepted than it ever has been, why is this a big deal? But then again, coming from the other side, why couldn't Disney just made him black? Either way, it doesn't keep me up at night, but at the same time, why didn't they just make him the same ethnicity? I don't really get it - but - I'm just glad they finally made a black princess. It's about stinkin' time.. I mean, they have almost every other prominent ethnicity already.

Here's a picture of the happy couple:

And if you want the whole article - which I recommend reading, here's the link to that:

Disney's first African American Princess


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Nkoyo Robinson said...

i was extremely excited about this myself and its great to know there is a fellow Mary Kay consultant in the blogosphere... :)