Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Lucy

Good morning everyone! Ok wow.. lots of good things going on!

First off... I finally added my very first team member for Mary Kay! I'm sooo excited! She's an absolute joy to have.. and let me say that it was soo worth the wait. She's a gem and she's going to do amazing in this business. Her name is Jackie, and I used to coach her when I coached the Dance Team at McNick. So last night at success meeting, she got pinned and I got promoted!! And everyone in my unit knew I always struggled with recruiting, and last night, when I got recognized for it, they cheered and clapped for me SO loud.. I was soo happy!!!!!

Secondly, I got all my hair chopped off again! It's not even an inch long in the back.. but it looks sweet. It's all spiky and the front is longer and hot pink!

And last but not least.. new artwork!!!

The Lucy

My best friends mom is going to love this.. she's a HUGE Lucy fan! Let me know what you think!

Well that's all for now..



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