Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playing catch up!

Wow! I have a few things to fill you in on!

First... my sweet kitty of 17 years had cancer. She had a tumor on her leg for a while, and I thought it was nothing. So, it started bleeding, and then I though... "Hmmm... maaaaybe I should take her to the vet!" So I did, and alas, it was cancer. Sarcoma, to be exact. But I decided to put her into surgery to have it removed, and she's all better! She's back to her normal self! Except her shaven leg and 10 stitches :) Those come out next week..

For your viewing pleasure.. lol

And my baby Missi fast asleep....

Next, I enrolled in hip hop dance classes... I think I start Monday... I'm so excited!

And I also signed my 2nd team member in Mary Kay! One more away from Red Jacket! I'm sooooo excited I can hardly stand it. Her name is Melanie and we went to high school together - we also danced on the Dance Team together. She's going to be sooo great! I'm so excited for her!

So I decided it's time to redesign the website. I'm ready for a new look and I've been researching other websites and brainstorming ideas to incorporate into my website. I want kind of a sketchy, hand drawn look and feel to it... soo, as I was sitting in the doctors office lobby today, I drew up some words that'll be used for my links and such.. here's a preview:
So that's what I have so far... I'll keep you posted!!

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