Monday, April 13, 2009

Sprucing up the asylum-esque white walls

Happy Easter everyone! So I'm a day late, I know.. but oh well. Anyway, I was able to enjoy my Good Friday in the comfort of my own home. It rained, yes, but there's nothing more enjoyable than staying home on a rainy day with the windows open, laying in the arms of your baby, relaxing and listening to the rain. It was so nice.

After Todd left, I was determined to do my taxes. So what did I do? I painted a wall instead. Typical Robin behavior.

So, here's why my taxes are not done yet:

It turned out really good. And I got my inspiration from here.. in case you're interested in sprucing up your own white walls!

Still working on other freelance.. so stay posted.. it'll be up here eventually.

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