Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello Lover!

O.M.G. I almost cried when I saw these... tears of utter joy and anger that I couldn't afford them!!!

The master whom I love.......

I am back in my familiar city of Cincinnati after 4 days in New York! I loved it up there! I can totally see myself living there at some point of my life. Hopefully as a successful artist :)

I was in New York for a work trip with my day job, and we worked hard during the days, but when the nighttime came, we made sure we would take advantage of what the city had to offer. Of course, our first night there, we had sushi and edamame. We had tons of yummy food at some really good restaurants. The nightlife was fun… here are some things we did and some pictures!

Our hotel room....

And here's the chair I totally wanted to steal....

Our first day there, we were walking to the subway or somewhere and we saw Kristen Daivs! She was hailing a cab and for those of you who don't know.. I'm a huge Sex in the City fan! I am not the kind of person who is going to act like an ape and go crazy when seeing a celebrity.. they get enough people like that on a daily basis. So I quietly snapped a picture of her with my phone as she walked away from us.

I'm guessing that's her hunky hubby with her... overall I think this is an absolute adorable picture of them!
Here Kristen is from the front... I included this for your viewing :)

We stopped at the Plaza Hotel.. where part of Bride Wars was filmed! It was sooooo gorgeous!

We saw Little Ashes, a film about Salvador Dali and his early life and how he struggles to find who is really is and his sexuality. Verrrrry interesting... and who plays Salvador?? The beautiful Robert Pattison from Twilight!

Our last night there, we saw the New York City Ballet. Omg. SO beautiful!!! They were showing the production of Romeo and Juliet. That was the first time I ever saw Romeo and Juliet.. other than the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes lol. It was so amazing and it made me realize how much I miss dancing like that. Here's the American Ballet Theatre stage.

And here are the leading roles.. Romeo and Juliet.

This picture is of the lobby in the American Ballet Theatre.. where the scene from Center Stage was filmed when Maureen told her mother she didn't love dancing anymore and quit!

Goodbye New York!!!!

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