Thursday, September 17, 2009

Somebody's Baby

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Pat Benatar. When I was at her concert this year, she sang this song called Somebody's Baby. Wow. She gave a little history about how the song came to fruition.

I've included the link so you can watch the video - and listen to the lyrics. For the video, they went out onto the streets of some city.. and I wish I knew which one; and filmed real life people; homeless people, struggling people, sick people and compiled them into this video. Before she started singing this song at the concert, she says how this song is supposed to make you look at each other in a different light. I wish I knew how much I loved this song before she performed it so I could have recorded her talking about it. When I find the history on it, I'll post it. But, go ahead and watch the video.

This one actually gets me all choked up because ever since I was a kid, I've had such a hard time seeing homeless people on the streets, and how cold some people are to them. I used to never be able to go downtown as a child because of them. Now I just try and deal with it when I'm there.

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