Monday, May 17, 2010

Mayberry... In Cincinnati!

Who knew there was a Mayberry in Cincinnati!

Mayberry @ 915 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 45202.

This place was super fun to walk into; all black and white themed with local art on the walls. The menu changes often, but the night we were there, they definitely had some interesting things to eat. I honestly have to be in the mood to try new and different things, and unfortunately I was not on this particular day (considering I had to be up at the start line for the Flying Pig Marathon the next morning at 6, I wasn't willing to chance my stomach on stuffed squid).

I had the pork belly and artisan cheese plate - very delicious, although the pork belly had some hefty fat on it. Upon seeing this, I was told by my friend that that is 'the best part.' I respectfully declined. The cheese plate had quite a few options of cheese, bread and preserves. I was very impressed with the cheese plate - very good!

The place is BYOB, and we brought a killer bottle of red wine to enjoy with our food.

Now the chocolate chip cookies really won my heart over! They came warm and gooey, just how I like them. I'm eager to go back and try their other menu... I've got my eye on that Sloppy Joe.

Check them out on Urbanspoon!

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