Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weight Watchers Mini Chicken Tacos

I'm so excited to share with you a homemade recipe of mine. It's super easy, tasty AND perfect for peeps on weight watchers!

Yes, I did weight watchers. Ans yes, it worked and I feel amazing!! I lost 16 lbs total and my family members did it too - collectively we've lost over 150 lbs! Go us!

So, I'm all about finding things to eat that are still awesome, filling and totally healthy. In the midst of not wanting to go to the grocery store a few nights ago, I rummaged through my freezer, fridge and cupboards and came up with some Mini Chicken Tacos.

To make it a little easier to make yourself, I've included pictures :)

12 BAKED Tostitos Scoops (1 point)
1 small chicken breast (roughly 3 points)
Salsa (0 points)
OPTIONAL: 1 slice of Fat Free Swiss Cheese, or your cheese of choice (1 point)

First, set 12 scoops on a plate. Now I like cheese, so I take 1 slice of the Fat Free swiss cheese and tear it up, and distribute it among the 12 scoops. See below.

Next, I slice the chicken breast up into small pieces, small enough to fit in the scoops. You may have some left over; that's ok - save them for the next time you make this dish, or your favorite other dish.

Prep your skillet with some Pam and some salt and pepper.

Next, throw your chicken in the skillet, let it cook on medium until it's thoroughly cooked - but still juicy and moist. See below.

At the same time, put your plate of Scoops with the cheese (remember, optional) in the oven on about 350 degrees.

Now, if it all goes to plan, your chicken should be done cooking by the time your cheese in the Scoops is nice and melted, possibly slightly browned edges.

Careful - the plate is hot. Take your oven mitt and take the plate out of the oven after you've turned the stove off where your skillet is.

Take a spoon and put a glob of salsa in each Scoop, the more the better - it's 0 points! See below.

Then, enjoy your Mini Chicken Tacos!

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