Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Doodlings

I recently found that doodling through the day is the equivalent of taking a nap for me.

Ok, maybe it's not that great, but it certainly does refresh me, rejuvenate my brain and get me focused again. I've come across a great little program called Sketchbook Express. Don't worry, I haven't given up on paper.. but this is just another little outlet when the sketchbook isn't so handy.

Therefore, instead of filing these little doodles away for nobody to see, I figured I'd share with you, and in the event that my computer gets mad at me one day and loses all my work, at least I'll have them here.

OH! New song of the week - Hard Times by John Legend and the Roots - click the image to the right to hear it.

Black Swan doodle

Creepy old woman

Pig Man

1 comment:

braden matt said...

Nice sketches. Keep it up and keep em coming. Sketch blogs are a great way to get you work out there and seen by thousands of artists and designers.