Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank You Hot Toddie

This past Sunday I was enjoying a nice dinner with my parents at their house when we got into some pretty deep conversations about certain mindsets and outlooks on different situations. Specifically the balance between 2 different people and why it works. For example - my brother is very calm, quiet and chill while his wife is running on all pistons all the time. Todd and I are very much the same as that. He's real laid back and lets things happen, living 1 day at a time, choosing his battles wisely. Me? Well, let's say I don't exactly operate that way. I also have all pistons firing and am constantly moving. In my brain, I have a tendency to think that if it's the way I did something years ago, that's the way it should be done now. Not necessarily true, as I'm finding out.

I was entertaining my parents by telling them the hilarious, quirky way Todd does things. Todd, I love you. LOL but you do things so different, which sometimes makes my brain hurt. However - you amaze me, in a good way :) So enjoy, while I tell tales of your quirky, yet desirable ways.

The analogy I used - because of course the moment I need to give an example, all the weird things you do escaped my brain - was that you could sit down on your chair, but there's a book on said chair. Instead of moving the book because it's in the way or because it'll be uncomfortable to sit on, you just sit on the book. Right on top of it. And it doesn't phase you! And for that reason, you completely baffle my brain.

A perfect example - a couple weeks ago, Todd came over with a bottle of wine. Very sweet, I know. So when Todd poured us a couple glasses of wine, he returns to the living room, with the wine not in wine glasses, as one would suspect, but in coffee mugs. Of course, me being the person I am, immediately got up with the mugs in tow and exclaimed, "Todd! I do have wine glasses you know!"

Todd stopped me before I reached the kitchen and asked me why it mattered what kind of glass it's in. It's all going to the same place. So, I retreated back to the living room and drank my wine out of my coffee mug, inspired.

It didn't hit me until this past weekend that it really is a unique way of looking at life. Todd does so many things that are unusual, but it makes so much sense! Todd is very fortunate to have an outlook on life like he does. He chooses his battles wisely and doesn't let little stuff bother him. He knows it's not worth getting upset over and you know what? He'll probably live to be 110 because he doesn't let the stupid stuff stress him out.

I'm making an honest effort to become more like that. I'm actually pretty easy going for the most part. But there are a little things that get under my skin. Todd, I know when you read this, you'll probably give me that head-tilt and look like, "Yeah right, Robin - you? Easy going?!" The truth is, everything I'm not easy going about is something that Todd does lol. But that's why we are so compatible.

Todd teaches me how to combat those little things and I'm teaching him stuff too. I can't think of anything right now, but I know there's some things. :) We are a good balance and that's why things work so well for us.

So Todd, thank you for teaching me a different outlook on life and setting an example for most people to follow when going through their daily lives. Most of it is just not worth getting upset over, and yes, it took me 2 years with you to realize that. But hey - better late than never.

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You inspire me to be better each day