Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I finally got my curtains up! Observe....

I got into a little bit of a fight with the power screwdriver putting the brackets up, but in the end, I won. I got the fabric at Ikea, and had my good friend Christie make them for me! They turned out lovely. And what's nice is that they also keep some of the cold air out, since I have those big drafty windows (which I refuse to put tacky plastic or saran wrap on).

Apparently the lady at Ikea, who measured out my fabric, didn't really now how to, because I have TONS of fabric left over! But not to worry - I always find a use for extra fabric. So for starters, I had Christie make a little curtain, so I could cover up the little cubby in my bathroom with all my cleaners, extra toilet paper and what not.

So while Christie was making the curtains, and measured it all out for the 6 panels I would need plus my little curtain, she calls me and says, "You have a lot of extra fabric." So I say, "Ok no worries, I'm sure we can make a few pillows out of it or something." To which she replies, "No seriously. Do you want a car cover? Maybe a few shower curtains?" HAHAHA. I love it.

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