Monday, March 1, 2010

R.I.P. Adam Peak

This week, a very good friend of mine was killed in Afghanistan. Lance Cpl. Adam D. Peak was 25.. just a year older than me. We met a few years back and always had fun together. I remember the day he told me he enlisted into the Marines. I couldn't believe it - I was secretly praying that he would change his mind and back out. But the Marines took a boy and turned him into a fine, upstanding man. Todd and I attended his funeral today; those bagpipes get me everytime. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the cemetery. But I plan on visiting him. That way I get to spend some more time with him. It's kinda funny; he gave me an ankh ring and pair of ankh earrings for my birthday one year - an ankh means eternal life to the Egyptians.. hmm.. everything does happen for a reason. Now every time I wear them I'll have Adam living on, hanging out with me.

To commemorate his memory, I drew a portrait of him as a gift to his family. They absolutely loved it, and put it up on display during his visitation. For your viewing pleasure..

Adam's remains returning home:

And a few pictures of us acting goofy at Cheeseburger in Paradise just last year:

I heard a great quote today from one of his Marine Corps brothers..

"Heaven needed a party, and they picked the right guy."

Miss you buddy - I'll see ya again one day.

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