Friday, March 19, 2010

I know it's been a while...

But here are pictures of my living room... FINALLY. I got it all cleaned up and ready.. so enjoy!

Also, check out for my spotlight interview! Interviewed and written by Linda Palacios. Thanks Linda!!!

The 'artsy' word above my door was an idea I had when I was shopping at Urban Outfitters. I kept watching these letters until they went on sale, but unfortunately, I never knew what I wanted to spell. So I asked my mom to describe me in 1 word; 5 letters. 'Artsy' was what she came back with! I found the letters and wasn't too pleased with the preexisting design on each letter. I found an old Rolling Stone magazine and traced the letters on random pages, cut them out and rubber cemented them on. And there you have it! Brand new letters - made inexpensively.

Oh the couch. Yes it's a futon... and I hope to have an actual real live couch soon. There's a retro furniture store downtown I plan on visiting soon to pick up a stylish new couch. Until then, I decided to cover up the drab neutral color with a blanket that has coordinating colors to my pillows (which I also got at Urban Outfitters.. love it there!)

My table, which was featured on has made a huge improvement to my apartment. You can check out the previous post on it below. I love my books. I think I need to make a trip to Ikea to get a new bookshelf.. this one is starting to bow!

My art studio, which also has already been featured on my blog, is always a hard area for me to keep clean. But then again, who really cares? It's where art is made! Also, check out the most recent painting.. Dave Matthews for Gilpin's.. still drying!

My awesome leopard print chaise lounge chair and my sweet 'White Star Line' promotional poster for Titanic I got at the Titanic exhibit at the Museum Center a few years ago.

I love this little lamp! I got this at Ikea, of course. I liked them so much that I got one for each of my girlfriends for Christmas this past year! They come in a bunch of colors too.

I hope I can help you get inspired to get creative with your own home and make it your personal, inspirational, comfy place!

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