Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Tale of the Almost Tragedy in the Life of Robin Ewers

So I recently had a huge scare... I thought I was allergic to chocolate. Omg. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me.. it's HUGE. Eating chocolate is like breathing air to me. I grew up eating chocolate all the time, and unfortunately, now that my metabolism has slowed down, I can't eat as much chocolate as I like in one day, but I still eat at least one piece everyday. There are somedays I like to consider myself a sort of connoisseur of chocolate.

Now that I've stressed to you how much I LOVE chocolate, I'll quickly enlighten you with the Tale of the Almost Tragedy in the Life of Robin Ewers.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved chocolate. This girl also happened to have the dream job of anyone who loved chocolate, or just candy in general. Any corner you turn, there's some sort of confectionary delight waiting to be picked up and indulged by its finder.

One day, while working very hard for the large empire Wal-mart, Robin became very flushed with stress. In an attempt to calm her nerves down and get her head on straight, she helped herself to a few chocolates from the candy dish in the lobby. Eating all six, one right after another, Robin felt very satisfied and continued on with her work.

It wasn't long after that, that her arm began to itch. As she looked at her arm, she saw that she had three red bumps that reminded her of bug bites. She immediately became very concerned that there were bugs crawling on her desk and they had to be taken care of right away. In her search attempt for the crawling critters, she found nothing!

"What could it be?" Robin wondered.

She took precaution and removed her jacket for fear of spiders nesting in her sleeve. Though it seemed not likely, weirder things have happened.

Brushing it off as nothing, she and her coworkers joked about the strange red bumps that had so quickly formed on her arm. As Robin sat back down at her desk, she took a quick last glance to make sure there weren't any critters making their way around.

As time went on, Robin started to get more itchy, all over her body. It started with the arm, then the neck, then the scalp, then the stomach, next the back.. it was everywhere. Although, when she looked at her skin in the mirror, nothing was there. She just forgot about it and went back to work.

It was around 9:00 later that night when she returned from dinner with some friends. Changing outfits to go out, she saw her skin in the mirror for the first time since earlier that day. She screamed upon seeing herself!

"Erin!!! Get in here!!!" She called. As Erin walked in, she covered her mouth with her hand and tried to contain her laughter.

Slightly humored as well, Robin turned several times to look at herself several ways.

"I can't believe this....." Robin kept muttering to herself.

After some of the shock had worn off, Robin and her 3 friends decided to go out and have a drink, and forget about the mass amount of bumps all over Robin's body.

Throughout the evening, Robin couldn't help but scratch all of her itches; all the while with Erin and Leah telling her to stop. Her boyfriend Todd showed up shortly after they arrived. After seeing the anguish on her face, Todd asked what was wrong with Robin.

Robin threw her head back and exclaimed, "I'm covered in itchy red bumps!"

Upon hearing this, Todd couldn't seem to help himself and continued to laugh at Robin's expense. It's a good thing Robin doesn't get offended easily, so she rolled her eyes, slapped him gentily on the leg and shook her head at him, playfully saying, "Oh shut up."

The night went on, and slowly, people began to disperse. It was quite late when Robin looked at her watch so she suggested that she take Leah home and that it was then time for bed.

The next morning, Robin arose, and for only a few moments, she forgot about her bumps. But as she walked into the bathroom to take a shower, she quickly remembered her dilemma. She called her mom and she strongly suggested that she go see her doctor, considering the bumps had gotten worse.

So as she walked into work that morning, she showed her friends how those 3 little bumps progressed overnight. The doctor appointment she later went to proved to be not a lot of new information.

"Go get some Bendryl and make sure you don't eat any chocolate until those hives go away," the doctor said.

Robin felt a wave of disappointment because she wasn't sure if she'd ever be able to eat chocolate again after that day. So what does any girl who loves chocolate and has a possible allergic reaction to it do? She goes to Kroger, stocks up on Bendryl and gets a bag of conversation hearts. Hey, it's still sugar, after all.

A week passes and still no chocolate. Robin is going insane! But she is on a mission to really find out if she is allergic to chocolate. She gets brave and decides to try a piece of chocolate.

One piece of Hershey's down the hatch and no reaction all day..
Then that night, a few handfulls of Whoppers and no reaction overnight..
The next day at lunch, 2 pieces of Hershey's... no itching!!

It's a miracle! No allergy to chocolate! Thank the Lord!

And she lived happily ever after, Hershey's in mouth (and Bendryl in purse, just in case...)

The End.

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holy goober

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