Thursday, February 5, 2009

Frank and I got into an arguement. We're not speaking.

So no trip to New York. The morning I was supposed to leave, my boss called and told me she had the flu. So bummed!! But Todd was there when I found out and he really cheered me up - he is so great.

But I did go to Destin! That was amazing! It was in the high 50's low 60's, but hey - there wasn't any snow! We were in t-shirts and flip flops and you could so tell that we were the tourists! The locals were in hats, gloves, earmuffs, scarves and winter coats! I couldn't believe it. I was running on the beach barefoot, jumping for joy - yay upper 50's!!!!

The trip was for Mary Kay, so it was awesome. We had a lot of awesome training and I met the 'who's who of Mary Kay'. Gloria Mayfield Banks, Allison Lamarr.. the most amazing, positive women you'll meet. Not to mention how awesome it was to spend 3 days in Destin, Florida with a bunch of your close girlfriends!!

Ok.. onto the art world.
I had last Wednesday off work - snow day!! It was so awesome! So I got bored and decided that I was tired of living in a white walled apartment (it reminded me of an asylum or something). I got some paint out from my previous apartment and preped up!

It's a beautiful sage green, and well the plan was to just paint the one wall in my art studio (aka dining room) but I got a little carried away.. here's what I did...

I know I know.. I need curtains.. it's a work in progress! But I had a lot of fun doing this - and it didn't take me that long!

I have finished Frank Sinatra.. sort of. We're not talking right now, me and Frank. I've tried and tried to get his face just right and I can't get it!! It's so annoying.. so I had to put it aside for a bit and recharge.

Next up: James Dean!

Todd bought a poster of James Dean last night and brought it over as a surprise! I needed a good photo reference before I started painting and Todd decided to take this upon himself to find one. So, I'll probably start James before I completely finish Frank.

I need to get on the ball - I have an art show on March 22nd, down in Covington at Fat Shannon's Pub. Actually, I might have to check on that: I just got word that the owner is selling the bar to someone else. I'm not sure if the new owner knows... I'll keep you posted on that!!

But I'm trying to get a lot of work done so I have enough to show. My friend Marley is going to be there as well. She's a fashion major at UC in the DAAP program. Very talented!

As soon as I find out if I'm still able to show at Fat's, I'll post it up on here!

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