Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Before the Miss becomes a Mrs.

So here is the latest freelance work I've been working on..

Simple, fun and clean. My client loved them! Another project off the list.. now I think I can focus on the art work I need to get done for my art show on March 22nd at Fat Shannon's... which by the way is DEFINITELY still on. I think it'll be from 12:00pm- whenever.. last year I put on the flyers that it was over at 9, but I didn't really leave until about 11:00.

Well, I got to embark on another creative adventure tonight. Cupcakes!!! I bought this super fun heart silicone cupcake tray at Target (only $2.50!) so tonight I put it to good use. With strawberry cupcake mix and vanilla frosting I made the cutest little heart shaped cupcakes ever!

So of course when you're getting creative enough with the heart shaped cupcakes, you gotta get fun with the decorating!! I employed the use of the handy dandy conversation hearts. Brach's, I find, are the most delicious. They're soft and won't break your teeth when you eat them lol.

And I found this awesome glitter icing at Target as well...

I love getting creative with my sweets! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Mary said...

I SO bought myself some materials for a cupcake party as well! I don't know why, but I've had the urge to make some cupcakes and play with the decorating...if they turn out as pretty as yours maybe I'll blog about them too! :)

Todd said...

they were tastey