Monday, February 23, 2009

Final Friday is fast approaching!

Well, I’ve been super busy with my artwork. I’ve got 3 more new pieces. Here they are:

I struggled all day yesterday with James Dean and Frank Sinatra. There’s just something not right with them. And I can’t figure it out!! I need to soon – Final Friday is this Friday and I really need them to be done before that. Especially James, since I haven’t even started on him yet and considering I paint with oil colors, it needs ample time to dry.

I was at the Pendleton yesterday helping move my artwork. We’ve moved studios – we were on the 3rd floor.. now we’re on the 8th. Let’s just pray that the elevator doesn’t break – that’s a LOT of steps!

My point is, that I was able to choose a new location in the studio for my artwork. I chose the big black cloth tri-fold boards in the middle of the room. Basically my paintings will be the first thing you see when you walk in. Since my paintings are black and white with just the pops of color, they look awesome on that black background. I’m so excited for Final Friday.

I’m also putting up my sketches that I’ve been working on.. if I can fit them there. I had to take a bunch of my paintings home. There just wasn’t any room for them and to be honest – they were really just ‘filler’ until I got enough black and white classic Hollywood stars paintings. Which I’ve got enough for now hopefully. I did leave my one favorite abstract painting there – it’s hanging in the hall now. It’s the one titled ‘Sadness’. Here it is:

Anyway, wish me luck on James and Frank. I’m going to need it!

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